About Crisisboardroom®

Crisisboardroom® is a collection of tool kits, which assist in every stage of crisis response.

It works, irrespective of who is available when the crisis occurs. Crisisboardroom® intuitively leads the early responders through a process of crisis command by using checklists and visual boards to reduce delays in ‘making a start with response'

Industry Sectors

Food Processing • Aerospace • IT • Software Development • Higher Education • Engineering • Manufacturing • Logistics • Agriculture • Retail • Finance - widely transferrable across many other industry sectors


Initial training is included in the purchase price of a Crisisboardroom® kit via online tutorials. Further training packages are available from our business partner Horizonscan, including crisis simulation exercises, where full use will be made of the Crisisboardroom® kit.

Product Contents

Crisisboardroom® Boards (x 52)

Quick Start (for first responders) Site Recovery (focus is safety) Business Recovery (focus is reputation) Command (focus is recovery strategy)

Team ID

Identification aids for all members of the teams and their corresponding Gold and Silver Commanders

Command Kit

Includes everything necessary for the Gold and Silver Commanders to establish Command and record their actions

Press Kit

Templates and guidance to get the right message out quickly

Investigation Kit

Preservation of evidence and starting an effective investigation

Finance Kit

Keeping track of costs, right from the start will help reduce losses


Your space for BCP plans, site diagrams, manifests and data

Protect your business and your employees
Safeguard your business